• Super Sport SS Amplifiers
SUPER SPORT (SS) Amplifiers - New for 2018
The Autotek SUPER SPORT line of car audio amplifiers is designed with that throwback feel you get when you see a classic SUPER SPORT lined up at a car show. Powerful and created to matter to those that own them and those that hope to someday. The Autotek SS amplifiers deliver incredible power with plenty of features to make a simple installation or a very elaborate, multi-amp installation.

SUPER SPORT amplifiers are available in two channels, four channels and mono amplifiers. Beware, there are some real MONSTERS under the hoods of the SS line including The SS 5000.1 – 5000 watts of raw power into 1 ohm. Once you feel that kind of power under the hood, you will never settle for an underpowered audio engine again.
High level inputs on the Autotek full range models easily tie into OEM (factory) audio systems that do not offer RCA output. A simple connector is included to make installations very simple.
  • ROAD WORTHY™ TCID (Twin Coil Isolation Design) and PRO-FI™ High Speed MOSFETS bring extreme power with high sound quality and minimum distortion levels
  • High energy PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply provides MAXXimum power with minimal electrical impact
  • Class A/B amplifiers have larger heatsinks with very musical bass while the Class D develop even more power with efficient circuitry in a smaller footprint for the delivered power
  • D-Class mono subwoofer amplifiers include bass remote
Autotek amplifiers are designed to integrate into any system; they perform at their best when coupled with Autotek speakers. Check out the full line to integrate in your build.


  1. SS1500.4 SS Amplifier : Four Channel Car Audio Amplifier

    Autotek SUPER SPORT Series 1500 watt four channel car audio amplifier ⇒ Details & Images

  2. SS1000.2 SS Amplifier : SS Amplifier

    Autotek SUPER SPORT Series 1000 watt two channel car audio amplifier ⇒ Details & Images

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