Autotek has been in the business of showing off at shows and competitions for more than 30 years. That is both car audio shows and auto shows. Now, with the new SUPER SPORT subwoofers, Autotek is being celebrated by what many custom car builders are calling “THE BEST CAR SHOW SUBWOOFER IN DECADES!”

We take these accolades very seriously. We certainly have been at it a long time. Autotek was founded in the early 1080’s by automotive trendsetters with a demand for real audio in their cars, trucks and garage built projects. Now, with a real upgrade to the fit-n-finish of the subwoofers and technology upgrades like BASS-TEK, not only do car show judges sit up and pay attention, every day music lovers are raving about the sound of the new SUPER SPORTS subwoofers.


Regardless of how many horses you have packed into your hood, you can have real audio horsepower with the new SUPER SPORT subs. The are available in dual 4 ohms in a 12 inch and a 10 inch. The power handling is incredible. See the ful spread of specification and pricing HERE.

500 RMS Watts
1000 Peak Power Watts

400 RMS Watts
800 Peak Power Watts


The demand from our engineers with the new SUPER SPORT subwoofers was louder and deeper bass while dramaticly improving the reliability. All of this without adding cost or loosing performance.

The solution, you can see easily in the detailed photo of the cone. We call it BASS-TEK.

With the innovation of BASS-TEK we have engineered a texture onto the surface of the subwoofers cone. The resulting modification to the mechanical weight of the cone allows more deep bass to be produced without cone-flex. When a speaker or subwoofer cone flexes, it causes audible distortion and finally a failure of the subwoofer at higher volume levels. All of this is solved with the SUPER SPORT subwoofers that utiliaze the innovation of BASS-TEK.


No matter if you are competing for trophies or just competing for best audio system at the gas station, the Autotek SUPER SPORT subwoofers are made to show off and if there are judges watching, demand attention.

Even the speaker wire connections are upgraded. A polished nickel design with a spring loaded “push and insert” style connector. The rear of the subwoofer features the Autotek logo and an advance design to keep the rear of the subwoofer looking as good as the front.


For you builders with some deep experience building enclosures, here are the T/S specs for you to design your enclosure.


When it comes to big bass, the SUPER SPORT subwoofers are not bashful. The bass machines are designed with the same attitude as a high horse power engine. Is it ever “too much”? We think not, thus our brand slogan, which defines the Autotek culture every day – Powered Forward.


When it comes to system design, you need to consider two things. First, what is the power from the amplifier and at what impedance load? Second, can I wire my subwoofers to maximize that power output?

With the SUPER SPORT subwoofers, you can wire to your amplifier in a host of options with 1 subwoofer or more. Here are just a few options for how to appropriately wire up a SUPER SPORT subwoofer.

Refer to the manual or consult a professional audio installer when you are ready to really get creative with squeezing every watt of power from your amplifier system.


Regardless of the system you are designing, Autotek amplifiers are designed to power an incredible system at any level of power demands. Check out all the amplifier lines HERE on the site. Pictured below are the newest Mean Machine power amplifiers available in Class A/B and Class D mono amplifiers.

All Autotek amplifiers feature ROAD WORTHY™ TCID (Twin Coil Isolation Design) and PRO-FI™ High Speed MOSFETS to produce extreme power with high sound quality and minimum distortion levels. These combonations are the ideal balance of raw music horsepower and musical tone.

The speakers for the balance of the audio spectrum are completed with the ATS line of speakers. The line features speakers from 3.5 inch and 4×6 inch for simple OEM replacements all the way to the large high power models engineered for large powerful systems.

Typically, a system uses the component speakers (pictured here) up front with a 6×9 or 6.5 inch round speaker in the rear of the vehicle all powered by a four channel amplifiers.

Now, that you have the SUPER SPORT subwoofers and a choice of speakers and amplifiers to complete your build or your daily driver, you can rest assured, it will be Powered Forward with the help of Autotek.

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