Autotek off-road ATO Round LED Lights deliver huge lumen brightness.

Dark narrow corners, deep canyon crevices, and open horizons that are calling for exploration — get ready to venture into the unknown with lumen brightness that will shine the way of new adventures in front of you. Expanding upon the horizon of Powered Forward sound, new off-road ATO Round LED Lights promise to light up every narrow mountain trail, large sand dune, and everything in between with brightness where you need it the most.


With 3 sizes to choose from including a 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch ATO round LED light size, all of these lights feature off-road durability, and include a black cast aluminum alloy body. Delivering huge lumen brightness, ranging from 3,600 (each 5-inch round LED driving light) to 8,000 (each 9-inch round LED driving light), you’ll be able to take in every corner and peak of darkness when the sun goes down.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing said, Maxxsonics has been indirectly involved in the lighting business for years as one of the first companies in the mobile electronics space to use accent lighting on speakers and amplifiers. More recently Maxxsonics has been building high-end lighting for several of our customers in the off-road and powersports markets.”


Perfect for your next overland adventure or just blasting through the trails on your UTV, these lights will bring a dimension of exploration to your journey that will only enhance your Powered Forward lifestyle.

Overhead side view of the ATO9RV1
Back of the ATO9RV1


  • IPX67 rating
  • Mounting hardware included
  • DIY wiring included
  • Plug & Play harness optional (ATODHV1)
Everything that’s included in the box with the ATO9RV1

“The products we’re bringing to consumers under the Autotek off-road brand are designs that have been years in the making. The new ATO Round LED Lights represent a high-value and high-performance alternative to competing products and feature best-in-class specs for useable voltage range, current draw, and output efficiency,” concluded Sherman.

Removable light cover for the ATO9RV1

Take on an adventure wherever it calls and embark with brighter lumens to display the journey ahead with ATO Round LED Lights!

Learn more about the entire lineup of Autotek ATO Round LED Lights on the Autotek website HERE.