Get ready to take on luminous adventures. Autotek Half Optic LED Light Bars shine brightness in every corner.

ATO38BV1 (38-inch – front)
ATO38BV1 (38-inch – back)

Half Optic LED Light Bars from Autotek take on an adventure in every corner with brilliant brightness. Lighting undriven paths with an indirect light source that improves visibility in dusty and heavy weather conditions, these universal Half Optic LED Light Bars are available in a variety of sizes.

ATO38BV1 (38-inch – angled)
ATO30BV1 (30-inch – angled)
ATO20BV1 (20-inch – angled)
ATO12BV1 (12-inch – angled)
ATO9BV1 (9-inch – angled)
ATO6BV1 (6-inch – angled)

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales at Maxxsonics USA, said, “These Half Optic LED Light Bars make incredible brightness in every dark corner and across any open horizon. Available in 6 different universal sizes, ranging from a monstrous 38-inch light bar to the more compact size 6-inch light bar, you will have flexibility and many options for your vehicle.”


Made out of aluminum alloy and available in 6 different universal sizes including; 38, 30, 20, 12, 9, and 6 inches; these LED light bars will shine bright in tight corners, dark valleys, and everywhere in between, giving freedom and control of the open journey ahead to every adventure. Every LED light bar is IPX67 + 69 rated for extreme weather conditions and elements bringing durability and longevity to any journey that the moment brings.

ATO38BV1 (close-up of the back)
ATO38BV1 (close-up of the side)


  • 6 universal sizes (38, 30, 20, 12, 9, and 6 inches)
  • IPX67 + 69 rated for extreme elements and weather conditions
  • Water and dust-resistant

Embrace the darkness with unlimited light in every adventure with Autotek Half Optic LED Light Bars.

Learn more about the entire lineup of Autotek Half Optic LED Light Bars on the Autotek website HERE.