NEW for 2022, Autotek MEAN MACHINE amplifiers bring extreme power in a smaller footprint.

Car audio is about to transform with power that is mean and extreme all in a smaller footprint. No matter the installation size or space available in your vehicle, ALL-NEW for 2022, Autotek MEAN MACHINE amplifiers deliver an experience that brings out higher sound quality with minimum distortion levels while maintaining a more compact and slimmer size. Embrace clear sound that brings out every detail of any song from any genre of audio. Showcased in a sleek, black finish – MEAN MACHINE amplifiers make a bold statement wherever placed in audio installations.

MM4025.1D MEAN MACHINE amplifier
MM3025.4D MEAN MACHINE amplifier
MM1525.5D MEAN MACHINE amplifier

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales at Maxxsonics, said, “This ALL-NEW MEAN MACHINE car audio line of amplifiers is for the audio enthusiasts who want the biggest power in their vehicle installations. Making the biggest power that any line of Autotek amplifiers has ever created while giving you even more space in your vehicle installation, MEAN MACHINE amplifiers deliver sound that’s crisp, clean, and LOUD. Your expectation of car audio will raise when you hear your music transform into vibrant adrenaline of clarity, power, and attitude in every listening session.”


Featuring a much smaller footprint in size that creates extreme power with PRO-FI™ high-speed MOSFETS and high sound quality, with minimum distortion levels, audio becomes fueled with new levels of playback. Heavy-duty aluminum alloy heatsink with illuminated logo adds a vibrant display and showcase, while an efficient D-Class topology drives additional power to frequencies while remaining a small footprint.


    Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit
    RCA inputs and outputs provide the highest sound quality connection
    Electronic equalizer provides control of amplifier output with onboard electronic crossover to tailor frequencies to speakers and subwoofers
    Nickel-plated brass connection with hex set screw terminals allows for secure connection while resisting erosion

Autotek engineers have made a focused effort to develop high-end technology that delivers high-powered music. Powering music with low output distortion and low-noise electronic crossovers to direct the right amount of critical midrange and high frequency to speakers, every MEAN MACHINE amplifier gives your audio an entirely new listening experience that places you in the center of your music. The time is now to secure your order – so you don’t miss out on this MEAN listening opportunity,” concluded Dattalo.

Every MEAN MACHINE amplifier is crafted with sleek precision in a black finish

Audio deserves power that is clean, compact, and ready for any machine. With Autotek MEAN MACHINE amplifiers, sound will perform at the highest playback quality while bringing out MEAN POWER in the tightest vehicle installations.

See complete MEAN MACHINE amplifier line details HERE on the Autotek website.