The MEAN MACHINE car audio amplifier is not for the meek. We call it a mean machine, because it offers the biggest power in the line – up to 4000 MAXX watts of output in a single MM4020.1D amplifier.

SEMA level car designers and builders, along with consumer electronics dealers from around the world, received the new MEAN MACHINE amplifiers for 2018 with excitement and a lot of build plans include Autotek as an essential part of their audio customization projects. With the Mean Machine line, Autotek engineers have made a concerted effort to develop technology that delivers high powered music. The MM line powers the music with low output distortion. Additionally, low-noise electronic crossovers direct just the right amount of critical midrange and high frequency information to the speakers. This same crossover also controls the most critical low frequencies sent to larger speakers suited for bass and sub-bass audio reproduction.


Of course the money shot is in the subwoofer amplifiers. As any engine builder will tell you, you don’t just crank up the horsepower. You upgrade all the key components that allow the entire engine design to develop more revs, wheel torque and horsepower so the entire performance of the car improves. Therefore, the MEAN MACHINE amplifiers incorporate some of the following technologies and improvements and can deliver the kind of specs you see here in the MM4020.1D

  • ROAD WORTHY™ TCID (Twin Coil Isolation Design) and PRO-FI™ High Speed MOSFETS bring extreme power with high sound quality and minimum distortion levels
  • High energy PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply provides MAXXimum power with minimal electrical impact
  • Class A/B amplifiers have larger heatsinks with very musical bass while the Class D develop even more power with efficient circuitry in a smaller footprint for the delivered power
  • D-Class mono subwoofer amplifiers include bass remote


A great feature for the full range amplifiers are the high level inputs on the Autotek full range models, that easily tie into OEM (factory) audio systems that do not offer RCA output. A simple connector is included to make installations very simple. As the illustration shows, it could not be simpler.


The Autotek amplifiers are designed specifically to perform at their peak when powering upgraded speakers. With the simple tie in to the factory OEM system with an upgraded amplifier, the next simple step that has a huge impact on the audio performances is upgrading the speakers. See the full line, from 3.5 inch to this 6×9 inch solution and every size in between on the AUTOTEK SPEAKERS page.

See the full line up of MEAN MACHINE amplifiers with specs and pricing on the MEAN MACHINE page.