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New full range speakers for any car or truck from Autotek

8/15/16 3:30 PM  |  Autotek General News

Whether you are upgrading speakers in a brand new vehicle or replacing some old crumbling dry-cone speakers in a resto-mod that you found in a corn field, Autotek has a great pair of speakers to fit the build.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

Most stock speakers and everything from pre-car audio history, uses what is called a dual cone or whizzer cone design. Not a lot of engineering effort from the 40 year old dried up speaker pictured above, to this speaker found behind a panel of a recent Toyota Tundra.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

The dash speakers were NO better.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

This dual cone or "whizzer" cone design was meant for high frequencies to be drawn to the center of the speaker giving some directionality to the sound.

Most of us know that this is really the least sound quality you can tolerate. Thank goodness there is come inexpensive upgrades from Autotek in the ATS line of speakers Shown in this install are the ATS65C in the front doors with the tweeter placed in a custom mount in the door, and the 6.5 inch coax (2-way) full range in the rear doors.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

The top of the dash could have easily accommodated the 3.5 full range ATS speaker, but, we chose to make a little custom bracket and put the tweeter up top.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

You can see that EVEN our 3.5 inch speaker looks like something developed by NASA compared to the junk the factories install.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

The midrange woofer from the Autotek components looks MUCH better in a custom mount in the door. The bass from an upgraded mid/woofer is amazing. This bit of customizization was done by Chad and the team at Elite Car Audio, in Mesa AZ.   


Autotek full range car and truck speakers

All the Autotek full range speakers feature, Neo-Mylar Soft Dome Tweeters which delivers extended high range, well beyond the old whizzer cone style and offers some impact resistance.

Autotek full range car and truck speakers

The midrange/woofer cones ar the Silver Alpha-Cellulose Polypropylene Cones which are light weight and resistant to water but will product musical midrange and bass tones. The cone also includes a UV Resistant Rubber Surround which helps with mid and bass tones and is not susceptible to weather.

The ATS65C components also feature an external 12dB passive crossover which makes improves the sound quality, even over the coax speakers which are using the same mid/woofer. This is due to the use of premium capacitors to help create a smooth component system with exacting crossover points.

You can see when you check out the full line of ATS speakers that Autotek will deliver great sound, regardless of the age of the car or the level of rust.

The full ATS speaker lineup offers the following sizes, all sold in pairs with grills (except where noted) and hardware.  

  • 3.5 inch - Sold in pairs with no grills, as these are typically installed in the dash as pictured above.  
  • 4 inch - Also sold in pairs, also without grill for dash or "behind the panel" installations.    
  • 4x6 inch - Again, no grills included due to the nature of the installation. 
  • 5.25 inch - These do come with grills, but some installations, do not require them. You may also be able to open up the hole a small amout and fit the 6.5 or 6.5 inch shallow mount.   
  • 6.5 inch components - The two way components with seperate tweeter, midrange/mid-bass and seperate 12dB crossover featured above are the best in the line  
  • 6.5 inch - (Shallow) is a very flexible speaker. It is "shallow mount", in case you have an install that has a large electric window motor or just a very shallow door panel. 
  • 6.5 - Three way, or some people call it a triaxial. It adds a 3rd element, in this case an additional "super tweeter" for even higher response and volume in the upper, upper, frequecies.  
  • 5x7/6x8 - These speakers are perfectly designed to drop right into the factory locations of a couple different odd shaped holes. No grills are included here, because they are designed to hide behind panels.  
  • The 6x9 is the largest in the family. This is a 3-way that handles more power, plays deeper bass and has more piercing high frequencies that anything else in the line.  

Just find the perfect fit for your build or do a little custom fitment like Elite Car Audio did for us and your vehile will have modern sound, no matter what decade is started its rusty journey to the cornfield.  

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