MM-3025.4D Compact MEAN MACHINE 3000 Watt Amplifier

Autotek MEAN MACHINE MM-3025.4D 3000 Watt Compact Bridgeable 4 Channel Amplifier

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Autotek MEAN MACHINE compact series of car audio amplifiers bring extreme power with PRO-FI™ High Speed MOSFETS and high sound quality with minimum distortion levels. The MM-3025.4D features 3000 watts of power in a bridgeable 4 channel Class D amplifier. The Class D technology provides extreme power in a smaller footprint. The amplifier can be run from the “output” RCA connections which minimize the need for additional cables running the length of the vehicle.

Weight 6.1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 3.25 in













1 Year

Compatible Vehicles


Amp Class

Class D

Amp Total Channels


Amp Max Power (watts)


Amp Power @ 2 Ohms (ch x watts)

4 x 750

Amp Power @ 4 Ohms (ch x watts)

4 x 375

Amp Mono Bridged @ 4 Ohms (ch x watts)

2 x 1500

Amp Crossover

Variable Electronic 12dB Per Octave

Amp Variable Low Pass Crossover 12dB per Octave


Amp Tone Control / Parametric EQ

Built-in Bass Control

Amp Variable Voltage


Amp Frequency Response


Amp Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

< 0.05%

Amp Speaker Level Audio Inputs


Pre-amp Audio Outputs


Amp Power Terminal 12v/GND


Amp Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge

12 AWG

Amp Fusing

External 80A

Proposition 65 Notice WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Low Noise Preamplifier Circuit

Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit which delivers minimal distortion through the amplification process.

RCA Inputs

RCA inputs and outputs provide the highest sound quality connection.

Operation Mode

Four Channel, Full Range, Bridgeable: Flexible installation allows this amplifier to run in four channel or bridged mono mode.

Crossover Type

Onboard electronic crossover

Electronic Equalizer

Electronic equalizer provides control of amplifier output with onboard electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers.

Class / Topology

Very efficient D-Class to drive additional power while remaining a small footprint.

Output Device Technology

MEAN MACHINE'S ROAD WORTHY™ TCID (Twin Coil Isolation Design) and PRO-FI™ High Speed MOSFETS bring extreme power with high sound quality and minimum distortion levels.

Heat Sink

Heavy-duty aluminum alloy heatsink with illuminated logo adds a vibrant display and showcase for every car audio installation.

Power Supply

High energy PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) power supply provides MAXXimum power with minimal electrical impact.

Output Connections

Nickel-plated brass connectionwith hex set screw terminals allow for secure connection and resist erosion.

Connection Type

Angled, Allen Key connectors provide easy access for hand tools allowing a quick and secure connection.

Full-Range RCA Outputs for Signal Pass Through

Full-range signal pass through output allows additional amplifiers to be run from the "output" RCA connections which minimize the need for additional cables running the length of the vehicle. This can dramatically minimize noise.

LED System Protection Circuitry Diagnostics

Monitor overload and speaker short protection with illuminated indicators on the amplifier end panel.

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