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  • Super Sport SSW Powered Subwoofers
  • Super Sport SSW Powered Subwoofers
SUPER SPORT (SSW) Powered Subwoofers
Installing bass in a vehicle is incredibly simple with Autotek. The new BASS SYSTEMS in the SUPER SPORT line feature the same high power subwoofer components that feature the BASS-TEK cones with the inclusion of a high power, high efficiency amplifier.

The design includes high and low level input options to make integrating into a standards OEM vehicle a snap plus sound contouring controls like Bass Boost, Low Bass EQ and Variable Input Gain. These unique enclosures also feature a "low turbulence" port which all but eliminates the “whoosh” sound that can develop from some porting systems in high power subwoofers. Lastly, they look incredibly unique with their Autotek wrap material.

SSW112A Powered Subwoofer

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  • SSW112A
  • SSW112A

SSW112A Powered Subwoofer

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Part#: SSW112A


AUTOTEK Powered 800 Watt 12 Inch Subwoofer System



800 watt, 12 inch powered subwoofer. Designed with innovative features including: Low Turbulence Bass Port, BASS-TEK cone texturing, highly efficient class-D amplifier, high level inputs, sound contouring and bass boost.

Category: SUPER SPORT Powered Subs
SKU: 806576228868
Part #: SSW112A

  • RMS Power Handling
  • Peak Power Handling
    800 Watts
  • Amplifier Inputs
    RCA or High Level Harness
  • Voltage Input
  • Bass Boost
  • Low Pass Filter
    30Hz - 150Hz
  • Adjustable Crossover
    Variable from 30Hz - 150Hz
  • Directional Heatsink
    Improves Heat Dissipation
  • Voice Coils
    High Temp Coil
  • Impedance
    4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (1 watt/1 meter)
  • DC Resistance (RE)
  • Cone
    BASS-TEK weighted cone
  • Surround
  • Basket
    Stamped Steel

Features & Benefits
  • Amplifier Inputs
    RCA or the High Level Harness inputs allow both standard RCA or High-Level (speaker) level options, making integration with OEM (factory) systems easy
  • Voltage Inputs
    Variable input balances the power of the subwoofer system to the rest of the system
  • Bass Boost
    Variable bass adjustment (0 - 12dB @ 45Hz) provides an additional bass control for system tuning which is especially important in larger vehicles
  • Low Pass Filter
    Variable from 50 - 150 Hz, allows for adjusting the frequency cut of that transfers to the high frequency speakers or amplifier
  • Phase Shift
    Switched (0 / 180°) allows fine tuning off subwoofer when woofer is facing forward or rear
  • Heat Sink
    Sound Shield™ Technology assures additional mass in the aluminum heat sink keeps the amplifier running cool while shielding music from distortions that can be caused by heat
  • Low Noise Preamplifier Circuitry
    Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit which delivers minimal distortion through the amplification process
  • Auto-On
    The subwoofer can be turn on when the audio system is powered on
  • LED System Protection Circuitry Diagnostics
    Monitor overload and speaker short protection with illuminated indicators on the amplifier end panel
  • Enclosure
    High density MDF is very strong with internal bracing to deliver big bass for years to come
  • Woofer Configuration
    Preloaded with Autotek SUPER SPORT round 10 inch subwoofer
  • Voice Coil
    1.5 inch copper coil is wound precisely to help keep the subwoofer cool while creating a strong magnetic field
  • Voice Coil Former
    Vented aluminum voice coil former dissipates heat quickly in high SPL situations and extends the life of the subwoofer

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