Autotek is about killer cars that rumble and bump great music and have the muscle under the hood to get peoples attention. No matter whether sitting in a parking lot or rolling down the Superstition Freeway in The P.H.X.

Stands to reason that one of our faves is out 65 Oldsmobile Starfire.

Now, let us be clear. We are not exactly that group that seeks out original screws and thread count for the carpet. Nope, we are not hoping for a 100 point Concurs d’Elegance finalist.

Instead, we expect our rides to start up every day, give us that rumble in our guts that make us love guzzling petroleum and when we click play on our music system – we are transported anywhere in the universe.

Back to the Route 66 Diner of our youth or on stage with Linkin Park pounding 20,000 of our closest friends into musical submission!

We have been driving this killer ride to shows all over the southwest over the last few years. Good Guys, Barrett-Jackson, Charities with our local Discount Tire and countless Cars & Coffee from Scottsdale to Puget Sound.

Here are some details on the current build.  

The car was painstakingly restored by Drew Brothers Customs in Chandler, AZ over the last couple years. The engine work on the 425 was completed by Five Star Engines.

Every part of the car was addressed including steering box, all suspension wear items and drive shaft.

This cruiser will roll down the highway at 80 mph with one hand on the wheel and the other out the window – air dancing to the beats of the bass.

As our audio demo, the Starfire features:  

A fully modernized source unit. We love that original dash, but wow!!! How the people of the 60’s suffered, listening to audio from this equipment..   

Original radio – it is like looking at photos of your grandpa – “Respect, but sit down pops, have a rest.”

A brand new Am/controller from our big sister brand, MB Quart hidden in the center console. This is the GMR-2. It is fully waterproof for marine and powersports. It is a great solution for project builds.

As with the “hide away” modern source unit, we painstakingly installed the rest of the system with a bit of the stealth attitude. When we want to “show off” it stands second to none. When we want to close her up, she looks really original.  

Amplifiers and Subwoofers were meticulously installed in the large trunk fender cavities and the trunk itself.

The amplifiers have been upgraded from our AXL series to the newest Street Machine series.

You see two, because one amplifier runs the subwoofers – the ATW 12 inch subs, wired up in mono as a single bass system, and the other amplifier runs all the ATS speakers in the cabin.

The ATS 6.5 inch component system is installed in the kick panel in a custom housing. With the grills in place, the speakers are so stealth, most people never see them, only hear them.

Back to the upgrades completed. The Olds also has a brand new Vintage Air AC system installed and ready to go – in AZ, we can not stand for sub-par performance AC system, so you will be cool for sure. The stock radiator was re-cored to handle the additional load and the engine was fully checked out. This ride really hums, and bumps.

We have enjoyed building and showing this incredible piece of automotive history. But, now it’s time for us to move on to the next project. Perhaps she should be parked in your garage? Why own a Cutlass, Impala or Chevelle – just to parked at the show with all the other ones that smell just like yours. With this Autotek 65 Olds Starfire, you can have a truly unique piece of Detroit heavy metal fine art!

Here is a link to the page where you can start the journey to bring her to your home